Hello I’m Aoife

I’ve been working as a digital designer for over fifteen years. I’m original from Ireland, hence the vowel laden name, pronounced eee-fa. I always love a new challenge, no matter how big, or small. Get in touch if you want to chat through an idea or a project.

I started out my career as a digital and graphic designer and more recently (over the last four years), I’ve refocused to lead both UX and design projects. I’ve worked primarily in an agency environment and love working on projects from start to finish, from understanding the user and their needs, to the finer details of functionality, interactivity and aesthetics. I’ve worked on both large e-commerce projects and publications to smaller brand websites, focusing on user centric design and ensuring they perform well across a variety of platforms.

I’m also a little bit addicted to cycling and spend a large part of my free time racing road, track and cyclocross as well as other bike adventures including organising races.